Project Management

Grupo-Idea specializes in project management for the industrial field. However, we can handle any sized project. Whether it is residential or industrial.


Are you in need of a consultant? Grupo-Idea can offer our services in the instrumentation and control field. Commercial and contractual projects.

Contract assistance

Grupo-Idea can assist with any and all contract queries that your business deals with.


About Grupo-Idea

Grupo-Idea is an electrical and instrumentation project management company based in South Africa. We specialize in Project Management and we have many years of experience in the industrial sector of South Africa. Grupo-Idea started when a handful of well-experienced Project Managers noticed a gap in the market. Now, we offer our services to a broad audience in the residential or industrial sector.

Grupo-Idea. electrical instrumentation and control project management

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Our Services

Project management planning

We provide an integrated framework for project organization, planning and control. We ensure the the timely and cost-effective production of all end products, maintain all acceptable standards of quality and most importantly, achieve the benefit for which the investment in the project has been made for the enterprise.

Quality control

Grupo-idea can offer our quality control services by implementing our quality control system to compare your output results with the desired specification.

Contract assistance

Grupo-Idea can offer consulting services for any and all contract agreements that your business is concerned with. We can provide professional advice based on our many years of experience in the field.

Project Management scheduling and budgeting

We determine the project approach and the required resources to complete the project.

Business case

We review business case by determining project costs and quantifying the benefits of the project.

Project management pogress control

A vital stage of Project management where we continuously update the schedule to ensure that deadlines are met.

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