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Generate more leads with our digital marketing strategies. Complete with full account management, budget setting, integrated media channels, ad campaigns and more.
We can consult and inform you of your best options in terms of digital marketing such as deciding what the best media channels for your business will be in order to obtain maximum ROI.

Social media marketing

With social media having bigger and bigger impacts on business, it is a good move to up your presence on social media with our SMM campaigns. Social media such as facebook is home to one of the largest audiences on the internet and advertising your business on the right social media channels will greatly help your business. Widen your target reach by reaching new and existing leads through social media marketing.

Web design

Looking for a decent website? We can help you get one. Having a decent website is important in order to convert leads viewing your website into paying customers. With us you can get a fully optimized wordpress website with full website maintenance and updates.


Do more than just SEO and Social media marketing. Gain a competitive edge by paying for search engine ads and be the first link that users see! Ranking at the top of google organically can be difficult even for experts in SEO. SEO is our specialty. Get higher rankings on google without paying a cent on ad campaigns through Search engine optimization.

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Grupo-idea media is a digital marketing agency specializing in Organic SEO and Search engine marketing. We have combined our 2 biggest passions, which are business and technology, to form our very own agency. Because of our passions, we got involved with websites and noticed how much we enjoy giving the business a face on the internet. We decidedĀ  to take our passion further and developed our knowledge base and skills to all aspects of digital marketing. Now we are here to do that for you.

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We have a passion for business and all things related to business in any way. We thoroughly enjoy and find fulfillment in what it is that we do. We believe that our passion for business and our work ethic is the driving force behind our non-quavering determination to complete each task to its fullest with 100% of our effort, no matter what the project entails. Having us on a Project means that you receive our full commitment and interest in the success of your business.

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Here's why you need a digital marketing agency:

For some reason many brands seem to be under the impression that if they have a good enough product, customers will come to them. Unfortunately this is not true. Especially with the growing trend of online shopping and eCommerce. We live in a digital era. And to make it in a digital era you need to find a way to ensure that your brand sticks out in the vast ocean of businesses on the internet. You do this by adopting a digital marketing strategy. Not just one strategy but a combined system of integrated strategies and channels that aid you in growing your businesses customer base and online presence.

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WordPress is a popular framework for web development. WordPress is an open source software that is written in Hypertext Preprocessor.

Yes, as long as your web developer is willing to work along side a digital marketing agency, we can still operate.

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