Residential services

Grupo-Idea will handle all forms of electrical work from simple electrical upgrades to complete electrical home improvements. Grupo will carry out all tasks of a project from its planning phase right to the implementation of the final plan. Grupo can even go as far as advising you on how to use your power more efficiently in order to help keep the environment clean and also to cut your electrical costs.

We will do a full diagnoses when you are experiencing a problem and we will repair it to the best of our ability.

Grupo can issue you your certificate of compliance if you require one. Click here for more information.

We will repair any important home electrical wiring that you are not confident enough in doing yourself.

If you are having problems with the setup of your home electricity we can do an inspection and advise you on how to better secure your home.

With the state of eskom at the moment a generator can come in very handy. We can install and setup your generators for you.

We will do any installations that you would like to do.

Industrial services

 Grupo-Idea will handle any electrical work in the industrial sector as well. Our group of project managers have many years of experience in the industrial sector.

Other Services

Grupo-Idea can also issue you your certificate of compliance for any home improvements or upgrades. Read more for more information.